Custom Stuffed Animals, Collectible Monsters Plush Toys and more ...

I love designing and making custom plush toy. I can work from a design you already have like your little one's drawing or your logo. I can also design a plushie from scratch. 

I am no longer taking custom work at the moment


Mathilde is amazingly talented! I placed a custom order for a *very* small plushie of my logo - a tiny cat for a travel blog. It had to be able to fit in my pocket, durable, and somehow able to change expressions from a sad face to a happy one. Mathilde was an amazing communicator and up for the challenge, with so many ideas and options. She was so wonderful & enthusiastic.

I gasped when I opened the package: It is better than I could have imagined. It looks like it jumped off the page! It is made with so many beautiful & colorful textures, and *tiny* details. I can tell that so much care & planning went into my little plushie! Thank you!
-Sarah K.

★ Custom Stuffed Animal ★

Custom plush toy of a hippo  Custom plush toy of a banana  Stuffed animal Monkey puppet  Handamde plush cat with black stripes Custom made plushie of a cat with leather jacket and sun glasses  Shark blanket small  Custom made plushie of Daniel dolphin  Custom made ice cream pillow for baby shower  Custom made plushie of a dog  Custom made stuffed fruit fly  Custom made cat plush toy  Needle felted owl with glasses  

★ Custom Monster Collectible toys ★

Collage many Halloween stuffed monster

★ Custom Corporate Stuffed Toys and work ★

Logo Parawaild 

I helped this Vancouvewr based company by developing some paterns and prototype for their awesome helmet attachments.

Leopard ears attach to an helmet Parawild shark fin on an helmet  


Logo Vancouver Telus Science world 

The Vancouver Science World asked me to bring to life Pejo, the Hippo from their Wonder Gallery… !

Pejo from the wonder gallery of the Vancouver Science World


Custom Stuffed Animal

Mr Hippo - Stuffed animal made from a kid's drawing. Pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

I love discovering your little one's drawing and bring them to "life" as a plushie like this awesome Hippo pillow.  

Drawing of a hyppo and custom plush toy made from the drawing


Mr Banana - Plushie made from a child's drawing. Pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

Drawing of a banana and custom plush toy made from a kid drawing

Mr Monkey - Pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

This project has a beautiful story behind it. A soon to be grandmom contacted me to ask me if I could reproduce her son's beloved puppet as she wanted to offer it to her upcoming grand baby. 

Monkey puppet  

Cat - Design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.Drawing of a grey cat holding a little mouse

Graphic research sent for validation by the client.

Handmade plush cat with a little mouse

Final result 

Mini Stuffed Cat - Pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

This little cat was challenging as it had to fit in a pocket. It is 8cm tall (3 inches). I had to change the proportion a little bit to be able to sew it. I created the pattern and then made the plushie. It comes with a little bag to store his spare mouth and sun glasses. I hand-stitched all the details and came up with a solution to be able to switch from a happy mouth to a grumpy one.

mini stuffed animal cat     Handmade custom stuffed cat with all its accessories

Shark Blanket - Design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

Shark blanket

Daniel Dolphin Plushie - Original design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou, based on the character from the future movie "Daniel Dolphin and the Guardians of the Ocean".

I was very happy when Adam Mars and Carmen Forsberg approach me to design a plushie as a perk for their crowdfunding campaign. Their goal is to bring environmental awareness to the big screen by telling the adventure of a little dolphin. To know more about this very nice project it's here!

Daniel Dolphin stuffed animal

Stuffed Musical Dog - Original design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

Custom made stuffed dog

Stuffed Fruit Flies (Drosophila) - Original design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

Flies are not the most usual stuffed animal so it was very interesting to design and make this plushie. It was a special order for a scientist who was expecting her first little one.

Fruit Fly plush toy with big eyes

Fruit fly plush toy with giant eyes

Ice Cream Pillow - Original design by Creative wife & Joyful worker, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

This ice cream pillow has been made for a collaboration work with Creative wife & Joyful worker.
Photo Credit: @juliechristinephotography
Featured in Kara's party ideas

Original design     Custom made blue Ice cream pillow Custom made blue Ice cream pillow

Musical Cat - Original design, pattern and sewing by Petit loulou.

Musical purple and light blue Stuffed cat

Close up of a stuffed cat with a hand stitched heart

Louis - Original design and needle felting by Petit loulou.

I love doing needle feltin when I'm not sewing or designing new plushies. Meet Louis! He is very nice little birdy.

Needle felting bird with big glasses, front view

Needle felted bird with big glasses, profilew view