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Meet Petit Loulou!

Petit Loulou is a Canadian based company founded by me, Mathilde Fabry, a French creative mom who loves to make colourful accessories and cuddly plush toys. Because I believe every little one deserves the best I carefully choose child safe materials and work with high quality fabrics.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew that even though I loved working in animation I had to find a new job to be able to spend time with my little man and watch him grow. I’ve always loved to create things with my hands and when I discovered needle felting people around me started to ask if they could buy some from me… but needle felting is very time consuming so I taught myself to sew! After my son was born I started to draw some designs and make patterns out of them. When I was happy with the result I would give it to him and see how he would react and play with his new toy. Petit loulou was born!

Petit Loulou has been inspired by my experience of being a Mom and working in animated feature films. Everything in my shop has either come from a need (toy leash, pacifier clips and mobile) or a want for my son (plush toys, silly characters). I love to play with different mediums and textures, from felt to wire to fancy materials, and aim to make pieces that are both practical but still appealing to the eye.  I also like to bring a little something different to every toy or accessory so they are all unique.

I do commission work, so if you have something special in mind (original plushie, picture etc) please do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to work with you.

Why the name Petit Loulou you ask… It’s simply the nickname I give to my little man.

Mathildle Fabry sewing in her workshop