Meet Petit Loulou!

Petit Loulou was born in Vancouver and is now a Montréal based company founded by me, Mathilde Fabry, a French creative mom who love to make colourful accessories and cuddly plush toys. Coming from the world of feature animation, and happy mom of a 5 years old, I draw on my imagination and experience to create unique soft toys and decors that delight children and adults alike. My motto: softness, awakening and imagination. Because I believe every little one deserves the best I carefully choose child safe materials and work with the highest quality fabrics.

Why the name Petit Loulou you ask… It’s simply the nickname I gave to my little man.

Petit loulou has three main collections.

  • My infant collection is about the development of senses (hedgehog),
  • My toddler collection encourage imaginative plays (dino, fox, raccoon,...)
  • My children (8+) collection develops manual activities and imagination (DIY kit).

I love doing commission work. Do not hesitate to contact me to bring to life your project. I can design and create a soft toy for a special need, create a plushie from your little one’s drawing, create pictures,…

Mathildle Fabry sewing in her workshop