Accessibility Accommodation for Drops

Petit Loulou will extend the opportunity for anyone with a disability, anyone who would require accommodations in other aspects of their life, and anyone who has any other health concern (like a panic disorder, injury, arthritis, etc.) that puts them at a disadvantage to getting retail items in a drop scenario to register for an accessibility accommodation.

Invitations with a password to pre-shop future drops will be emailed to a random list of people who have requested an accommodation. The email will be sent from The number of invitations will be equal in number to at least 10% of the total number of items in a drop. Receiving an invitation is not a commitment to purchase, so no worries if you do not want to purchase that drop.

Available inventory for the pre-shop accommodation will be at most 50% of each item’s inventory on hand (so an entire item cannot become sold out in a pre-shop). The password will expire after a prescribed amount of time, and purchasing specific items is not guaranteed if other people invited to the pre-shop purchase the inventory available first.

The list of those seeking accommodation is confidential, and no special restrictions to re-sale will be placed on any items purchased with an accessibility accommodation. If entire drops or specific items have restrictions in the future, those will be universal. Although I do not have the popularity to substantiate this rule, you cannot sell your pre-shop invitation to another person.

The list of people requesting an accessibility accommodation will be reset periodically to capture current customers, and being randomly chosen to pre-shop one drop does not reduce your chances to being randomly chosen to pre-shop a later drop.

This effort is meant to help people who cannot purchase retail items in a drop scenario have an equal chance. The individual specifics of why you need an accommodation are important to me because I care about each of you, but they are unnecessary to be explained to ask for an accommodation. Whether people “have it worse” than you does not mean you should not request an accommodation.

People who request accommodation may still participate in drops and not jeopardize their inclusion on the accommodation request list.

At this time, I ask that only those seeking accommodation due to disability, due to requiring accommodations in other parts of their life, and/or due to health concerns that may put you at a disadvantage in a drop situation register for accommodation. In the future, I may open it to other aspects of accessibility depending on the interest in this initiative.

Accessibility Accommodation Request for Drops

Thanks Julian from POO Plushies for the text and initiating this accessibility movement!