Yaku, our new llama plush toy!

Petit Loulou is very happy to present its new stuffed animal: Yaku the llama!

Yaku, like all llamas, is native to South America, but will adapt very well to your home. A few hugs will make his happiness. Always in a good mood, he knows how to comfort the littlest and biggest sorrows.

Picture of a stuffed llama with the text"Meet Yaku"

Be warned! Any contact with this stuffed animal is highly addictive. It was not easy to find the perfect fabric to get a fur reminiscent of a real llama, which is at once long, soft, silky, and resistant. Moreover, its cozy fur complicates a little its manufacturing, but the result is worth the effort! You will want to cuddle this little Llama even more than any other soft toy ...

No one can resist it: newborns will find in it the perfect blankie and will love to huddle in its soft and reassuring fur. Growing up, children will easily catch it by the ears and tail with their little hands. Yaku's long neck is perfect for them to hold the stuffed animal in their arms and carry it wherever they want. His little face will finish to perfect a benevolent and warm atmosphere for their development and give them confidence in everyday life.

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Image of 3 stuffed llama plush toys

The "big kids" are obviously not left out, it will be perfect to welcome them on the sofa after a long day ... promised, I will not tell anyone that you enjoy quietly stall with a plush llama (sorry, a soft cushion) in front of a good movie. Like every Petit Loulou's creations, Yaku the llama plushie is the result of several months of research and passionate work, down to the smallest details.

I also did some research to find his name. I wanted his name to be llama in Quechua... turns out "llama" is a Quechua word! French, English, Spanish and many other languages have all borrowed it. I then looked into other Quechua words and I fell in love with Yaku, which means water. I found it perfect for an animal that has a reputation for spitting a lot! Captain Haddock's fans will agree.

In short, Yaku the llama plush is the perfect stuffed companion for your little one's daily adventures. Yaku is available in three colours: white, sand and grey. You just have to choose! 

Come meet him in person at the One of A Kind Holiday Market in Toronto from November 22 to December 2, 2018, or at the Marché des fêtes - Holiday Market 2018 from the Collectif Etsy Montréal on December 15 and 16, 2018.

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