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Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. Whether that love is romantic, familial, or assumes a more general form, the heart of the matter remains; Love enriches our lives and elevates us as human beings. At times, it makes us do crazy things... And occasionally, we make beautiful things in its name. For these reasons and for a million more intangible ones, Valentine's Day is a day worth celebrating. And what better way to celebrate than by spending some quality time with the ones you love most, making art and making memories.

Need some inspiration? We've put together a list of our favourite family-friendly Valentine's Day crafts for you to try with your little loves this year!

1. Flowering Tree from a Kid’s Hand – These “hand” made trees sport heart-shaped leaves for a sweet twist on a classic craft by Krokotak.

Valentine's gift hand tree


 2. The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card These pop-up cards by Buggy and Buddy are perfect for writing each other little love notes this V-Day.

Valentine's card pop up hands


3. Potato Stamping  Old potatoes? No problem! Make your own heart-shaped potato stamps, like Karin Jordan Studio does here. 

Potato stamping Valentine's card


4. Paper Roll Heart Mouse Craft  This craft is as easy as it is adorable and a must-try with your little ones this February. Visit Non Toy Gifts for detailed instructions. 

Valentine's paper roll mouse


5. Slow Falling Hearts Sensory Bottle  Fall in love with the calming rhythm of these slow moving hearts by Rhythms of Play.

Sensory bottle with heart


6. Tin Foil Heart Valentine's Day Craft  Each heart will be as a snowflake; A unique expression of your child's creativity. Visit I Heart Crafty Things for step by step instructions.

Tin foil art


7. Rainbow Heart Suncatchers  These stunning homemade suncatchers by Fireflies and Mudpies are a breeze to make for kids of all ages and are a lively addition to the household!

Valentine heart suncatcher


8. Soft Pastel Rainbow Hearts  Create hearts in all the colours of the rainbow with soft pastels and these simple steps by Twitchetts.

Rainbow heart


As you all know by now, I love doing science experiments with my son. So, here are a few more Valentine's Day crafts with a twist of science! 

9. Valentines Themed Density Jar Experiment  Easy, educational, and so much fun... These Valentines themed density jars by Lemon Lime Adventures are an absolute must-make for all children.

Density jar experiment


10. Bubble Painting  This nifty little experiment by Red Ted Art makes use of baking soda and vinegar in an unconventional way. You can actually see the chemical reaction happening while you're painting... Fascinating!

4 watercolor Painted hearts


11. Crystal Hearts Valentines Science Experiment  Last but not least, the Growing Crystal Experiment by Little Bins for Little Hands! Because of the chemicals involved, an adult has to do most of the manipulation, but your little one will love watching the experiment unfold.

Crystlas heart experiment


Discover more ideas for fun, family-friendly Valentine's Day crafts on our Pinterest Page!

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