Story Time: Touch Think Learn ABC by Xavier Deneux

Touch Think Learn: ABC by Xavier Deneux is a beautiful and unique tactile book to introduce your little one to the alphabet. I was immediately drawn to it when I caught sight of this beautiful, quite imposing book, on the library shelves. Its vivid and colourful illustrations will delight everyone in the family. 

ABC book by Xavier Deneux

Each page has raised die cut letters or shapes  so your little one can enjoy running their little fingers over them. It's a great way to get familiar with the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is associated with an image and a word. 

Aligator from Xavier Deneux ABC book

If you don't know Xavier Deneux's work her are some of our favourite books. I love his graphic yet simple designs. Which is your favourite book? At home we love ABC and the opposites one!

Xavier Deneux touch think learn collection

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Happy Reading!

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