Story Time: Sully is Afraid of the Dark

Today's story time is a little different than usual as I won't talk about an existing book. Instead, as I promised earlier, I decided to offer you a little story I wrote with a friend. It's my Valentine's day gift to you! It's Sully the owl's bedtime story to help your little one's fall asleep. 

Book Sully is scared of the dark by Mathilde Fabry and Virginie Perucaud

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When I designed Sully the plush owl I had in mind it could help establish a bedtime routine with its large wrapping wings and its soothing sleepy eyes.

Indeed, bedtime is often difficult for our little ones. As adults, we sometimes have trouble understanding why they cannot fall asleep when they are clearly very tired. In this little story, I tried to put myself in their shoes, so that you can show them that you understand them. My little one has grown up and can now tell me what is bothering him when going to bed: sometimes it's the fear of the dark, sometimes the fear of loneliness, and sometimes even, it's boredom (yes, I would never have thought of it). I hope that my little experience will help you, because to feel understood and to know your feelings are accepted is essential to feel safe and to fall asleep peacefully.

The story is quite short, so you can easily read it, whatever the circumstances (you have time at home or are exhausted after a long day). For my little man and I , story time is sacred: whatever happened in the day, whatever our state of fatigue and even whatever the time, we settle quietly, sometimes for 1 hour, sometimes only for 5 minutes, and we read a story. It is the moment we make a clean sweep of all the negative feelings and emotions that we have felt during the day, and where we fill ourselves with sweetness and love before we separate for the night. Plush toys are an integral part of this evening ritual, they surround us, hug us and allow us to make the stories more alive by acting as actors.

If you are short on time, the story ends with a little ritual that can be self-sufficient and done with Sully’s wings. Take the opportunity to ask your little one to gently cuddle the soft owl to feel its softness, like a small pre-bed toilet, before closing its wings. It will soothe your child and help him prepare for sleep.

I hope that both Sully the stuffed owl and his little story will help your little ones peacefully fall asleep every night.


Sully a peur du noir couverture

Have a happy Valentine’s day with your loved ones and please let me know what you thought of my story and if you would like to read more!

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