Story time: Press Here by Hervé Tullet

If you haven't tried a book by Hervé Tullet yet, I'd say it's high time that you do! Tullet's books are colourful, interactive, and a lot of fun to read with your little one. His book Press Here is a New York Times Bestseller.

Herve Tullet Press here book

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Hervé Tullet is a French artist and children’s book creator. A quick search of his name on Google reveals that, "He is known in France as 'The Prince of pre-school books' because he takes the concept of reading to a new level, teaching young minds to think imaginatively, independently, and creatively."


Press here inside


Press Here as well as his books Mix It Up and Let's Play are innovative in the way you can actually interact with the drawings. My son really enjoys reading them, even though he knows perfectly well what's coming, seeing as how we've read them several times! They are perfect for children aged two years old and up. These books aren't traditional picture books, as you aren't necessarily reading them for the pictures or for the text, but rather for the interactivity of the experience.

At the beginning of Press Here, the book as per it's name sake, asks you to "press here" on a yellow dot. When you turn the page, you discover two yellow dots. As you follow the instructions, you discover more and more dots... As the dots change colour, move, expand... You will have to push, rub, tap, clap, shake, and turn the pages to discover what will happen next! It's also a great book to teach your kid vocabulary (as it contains endless action verbs), how to count, and fine motor skills (as they will have to touch the dots in all sorts of different ways).


Press here inside 2


Hervé Tullet does workshops and exhibitions all around the world. I highly encourage you to look into whether there might be one coming up near where you live. His workshops and exhibitions would be an amazing experience for you and your little one to share, as well as a great way to introduce your child to art! 

Discover more about Hervé Tullet's workshops and his books by watching the video below.


Happy reading!

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