Story Time: How do Flowers Grow?

We haven't talked about books for a little while now, so I thought it would be the ideal time to bring up another amazing book published by Usborne. Have your kids ever asked you, "How do flowers grow?","Where do seeds come from?" or "Why do leaves fall?" If your little one has indeed posed this question at some point or other, make sure you pick up the book, How do Flowers Grow for them. It does a wonderful job of explaining nature's process, and is a lovely addition to your personal library. 

Interior of a book about how flowers grow

This Usborne book is a fun and interactive way to explain many things about flowers and trees to your little ones. I actually learnt a lot as well while reading it to my little man. In addition to the questions above, this book answers questions like, "Who plants all those seeds?" and "Why do plants have flowers?"

Page of a book about flowers

The illustrations by Christine Pym are bright, colourful and fun. The text by Katie Daynes is perfectly adapted for those curious little minds. Like all the Usborne lift-the-flap books, there's lots to discover, and it's just perfect for introducing the basics of nature, science and botany to your little one! 

Once you've learnt how flowers grow, head over to my posts Gardening with Kids: Part 1 and Part 2, and get your little ones hands dirty growing some plants of their own! 

This book is perfect for kids age 4+.

Happy Reading!


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