Stickers Exclusive and Limited Edition Designs

I will create exclusive sticker sets that reflect the theme and essence of each collection for most of my upcoming drops. Just like the plush toys themselves, these stickers will be produced in limited quantities. I'll usually have about 10 of each design.  

Every sticker is made of thick and durable vinyl, which protects it from scratches, water and sunlight. Some will have a transparent background, some will have a white background.

 You can find all the stickers under the Limited Editions Collection.

October 2023 - Halloween Kitties


Thank you Stickers

This "Thank you" Kitty sticker will accompany all your orders while stocks last. It is the first in a series of "Thank you" stickers.

May 2023 Flowers and more Drop


Other Stickers


This happy cloud sticker is inspired by one of my very first musical plush made in 2015. You could pull the middle drop and the cloud would play "Over the rainbow" or the music of your choosing.

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