Rock Powder Paint

A few weeks back, my son, my husband and I went to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend some time as a family. My son was busying himself picking up little rocks, when my husband remembered a neat activity he used to do with rocks as a kid. He showed us and we were delighted! Which started us on a beach hunt for little coloured rocks...

What can you do with little coloured rocks? Why, make paint of course! This activity kept us busy for a good hour or two running around the beach uncovering new stones, and testing out all the different colours we could make. We had a ton of fun.

What is so great about this simple activity is that once you're done, you leave no trace. You're not damaging the environment of the beach with chemical paint, rather the beach is giving you everything you need to make powder paint from naturally occurring materials. You can easily do this at home as well by replacing the rocks with chalk. 

Rock Powder paint

What you'll need

  • Small coloured rocks or coloured chalk
  • Ziplock bag if you're doing this at home and don't want to make a mess
  • A big rock or a hammer

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How to make your own powder paint from rocks

  • Look for some light coloured little rocks on the beach. If you are at home or there are no rocks around, purchase some chalk instead.
A little kids on a rock beach
  • Place your little rock on a bigger stone. We chose one with a little hole so it's easier to add water later. If you are at home, you can place your chalk in a ziplock bag to avoid the mess.
Hand of little boy placing a rock on a bigger rock
  • With a rock or hammer, slowly crush the stone. Do this slowly and carefully, to avoid chips of rock spraying all over the place. This was my son's favourite part!
Making powder paint with a rock
  • Add some water and mix the powder and the water to create a paste. Your paint is ready!
  • Now you can draw on other rocks!
smiley face painted with homemade powder paint


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Happy painting!

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C’est génial, ma Couchine!!
Je vais aller tester à la rivière ces prochains jours, voir si j’ai bien compris et peux ressembler à Hélio !
Des bisous doux en pagaille depuis la Drôme, pas très loin de Étoile sur Rhône!!!

marie asselin

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