Plushies for the Florals DOND

Several times a year the group Handmade Art Plushies: The Heather Squad BST is running events where many plushie artists create pieces following a theme. It's always amazing to see what everyone creates and a very good place to discover many plushie makers.

Sometimes inspiration can take time to hit, but not this time! I truly loved making those plushies and trying new techniques or brainstorming ways to make new flowers. I made a serie of three plushies that went up for DOND and two for RTB.

The DOND format (Deal Or No Deal) is an auction style where people can place their bid under a plushie. RTB (Right To Buy) is a format where you can enter to get the chance to buy the plushie.

Sunny Kitty and his little bee budy 

Made with natural seal. The bee is made using needle felting technique.

Skógar the forest spirit reindeer 

Made with frosted shaggy and minky. Skógar is 15" tall from toes to top of antlers and leaves.

Zoé the tiny baby lemurelf and her peony

In France we say baby girls are born in roses, baby boys in cauliflowers, so I've decided baby lemurelves were born in peonies!

Zoé is less than 2 inches tall (5 cm). She is not attached to her flower. Her tail is made with ice pink and almond seal.




And the two plushies for RTB

Albus Catus the not so secret desert spy

Albus Catus was made with the intention that even when funds are stiff or prickly, everyone should be able to have access to a retail plushie. It is the intentions that if the winner ever resold, Albus will never sell for more than the cost paid here allowing more to continue to access at retail.

Albus was made with green seal like fabric. His spikes, and pupils are made with felt. Price 250 USD + shipping.

Aurelus Bun

This little guy follows Albus everywhere. Price 150 USD + shipping.

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