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Brainstorming is the core of plush making. I always do many sketches when creating my new plushies in order to choose their sizes, shapes and colors. Today, I want to offer you the chance to get involved in the creative process of your dream plush monster! I’m super excited to reveal the Little Monsters lab by Petit Loulou. You can now customize from A to Z your very own little monster. From the color of its fur, to its eyes shape, its mouth and arms, you can now entirely create your very own little monster!



Here’s how to proceed

1. Click on the button below to choose and buy the color you want for your monster from the little Monsters lab. Note that quantities are limited for each fur. Pick the color of your little monster’s coat in our fake fur selection directly on the product page.

Start your monster

2. Download and print the creative template found on the product page. It includes the shape of your little monster’s body, and different choices of eyes, horns, arms and mouths. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can hand draw your monster’s body and the body parts of your choice.

3. Color your monster in the same color as the fur you chose. Cut your favorite body parts (eyes, mouth, arms,...) and glue them to your monster’s body.

hands coloring a monster

4. Take a picture of your creation and send it to me by replying to your order confirmation email. 

5. As soon as I’ve received your monster, I will start making your very own little monster! Please allow 2 weeks for the making and shipping of your creation. 

With a height of about 25 centimetres, this very special plushie will be made with all my care and love in my Montreal studio.

I just can’t wait to discover your creations and I’m super ready to turn them into a lovely plushie. 

Need some inspiration? Have a look at our monsters’ photo gallery : 

Plush monster

Would you like to learn how to sew while making your own little monster plushie at home? Discover our DIY Kits, where you’ll learn step by step how to make a plushie. The kit includes the fabrics, pattern, thread and a detailed step by step guide.

DIY monster sewing kit for kids

You already have all the equipment at home? We also have PDF sewing pattern available for download! 

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