Melvin the fish is the hero of a book!

About a year ago, DK publishing contacted me because they intended to feature my Melvin the fish in their new book, "Peekaboo under the sea". For this, they asked me to make two different expressions to Melvin: his little playful eye, but also a wide open eye, because it is really more convenient to play hide and seek ...

DK pop up book peekaboo under the sea cover

A year after sending Melvin I had the treat to receive a small package from DK. The book was ready to be distributed! I then discovered that Melvin was the main character. It was such an amazing surprise!

Black and white striped fish toy

The book, of a very classical composition, is based on the well-known peek a boo game. Melvin travels the ocean in search of his friends. The use of pop-up makes the reading lively and interactive and makes it a great time to play with children. They will love manipulating the book to discover the animals hidden in shells, chests and other corals.

Pop up book with under the sea animals

Above all, this collaboration between DK and Petit Loulou has created the ideal combination to awaken children to reading and give them a taste for books: they will be spontaneously attracted by this book whose toy is the hero, and vice versa . The two complement and extend perfectly to create hours of awakening and games! In addition, playing hide and seek is not only very funny, but it is especially the ideal game to integrate the notion of permanence of objects and people (they continue to exist even if I do not see them).  

black and white fish high contrast plush toy

One can even imagine a new bedtime routine: read the book by cuddling Melvin, then hide it one last time under the blanket to join him. In addition, did you notice that one of Melvin's friends in the book greatly resembles Octave the giant octopus?

 To celebrate this big news, I organize a small contest on instagram to allow you to win this beautiful book along with Melvin the fish!

In the meantime, you can take a look at the archives to see how Melvin would be the perfect companion for the visual development of your little one and take a tour on the shop to see all the possible versions of our favorite fish .

Happy Reading!

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