Looking for the perfect babysitter? Meet Octave!


You’ll be amazed at all the things he can do. He loves to cook, and can whip up a meal in a minute flat. He is gentle as can be, and can rock your child to sleep while reading a story and folding the laundry. How does he do it you ask? With the help of his eight long arms of course!

Octave the big plush toy on a coach 
Octave the Giant Octopus is Mathilde Fabry’s newest and happiest creation. Mathilde loves the ocean, and has wanted to create a giant stuffed octopus for a very long time.
With the advent of the Vancouver Aquarium’s fundraiser “Night at the Aquarium”, she found the perfect opportunity to bring a special new character to life while also supporting a cause close to her heart.
From several days of designing, pattern making, and sewing emerged Octave, the very happy and very large octopus. Just don’t ask him to do bath time because ironically he is terrified of getting wet!

Graphic research for Octave the octopus


Octave made his grand debut at “Night at the Aquarium” and along with all the other wonderful donations helped raise over $370,000 for the Aquarium’s conservation, research, and education programs. He later made an appearance in both The Province and The Vancouver Courier with his new friend!

Octave is a one hundred percent handmade and uniquely designed plushie. He can be made to order, and is the perfect gift for your special little one or even as a home décor piece.

Sewing Octave's head Adding Petit loulou's tag to the plushie Stuffing Octave

So order your very own Octave today! This happy-go-lucky giant octopus was created in grey and cream, but can be customized to be any of your favourite colours. Octave is made for you, and Mathilde will work with you to make sure he is just right. Contact her directly for more information.

Little kid holding a giant octopus plush toy
Warning — Because of his very long arms, Octave is not for children under three years old.

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