Meet Mina, the stuffed Elephant

What a pleasure, I realize that it becomes a new ritual ...

Petit Loulou is very happy to present you his new stuffed friend: Mina the elephant!

Stuffed elephant playing peekaboo

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But shhhhh, do not be too hasty, Mina is a very shy elephant and will hide behind her ears if you approach her too abruptly ...

I had her in my mind for a while and after finally drawing her last November I am really happy to see this stuffed elephant coming to life. She is so endearing!

Painting of an elephant

Created on the same model as Sully the musical owl, Mina can help you with the bedtime ritual. As she closes her ears on her eyes, she will also be perfect to play peekaboo with your little ones. But most importantly, the idea behind Mina and her character is to help you communicate and verbalize emotions with your children. It can be very valuable to have an intermediate object to help your child externalize what he feels, so that you can help him put words on it. Indeed, hiding behind your ears is such an expressive act!

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One of my friend’s son was like Mina the stuffed elephant:  if he was embarrassed by a stranger who spoke to him, if he were afraid of an image or a statue in the street, or just if he felt a little tired, he would close his stroller’s canopy to hide himself! Bim, gone! Leave me alone, come back later when I get better. Of course, sometimes he did it just for fun too ... everyone likes to play hide and seek.

It may not look like much, but it takes a good dose of willpower and self-respect to dare to take cover, to seek one's own protection, when one feels tired or assaulted by the outside. That's why Mina the stuffed elephant is so dear to me: if we stop at appearances, she seems timid, withdrawn, distant or even arrogant, when in fact she has a really great inner strength that only asks to flourish.

As with any of my creations, I have refined Mina the stuffed elephant in the smallest details. I made sure she was easy to grab and that when your little one holds her, she wouldn’t drag onto the floor, it is important for me that her handling by your its handling by your little ones is always pleasant and safe, so that she can share their games and their lives for years to come.

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Just like Sully the owl, Mina will be available in several sizes to fit all shapes of arms that would like to cuddle her.

I really hope that just like Sully, Mina will find the way to your hearts.

Welcome Mina the stuffed elephant!

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This is adorable!! I love the detail and big ears! Fun for the young ones to snuggle, the babies to play peek a book a boo and the toddlers to carry around. Just the cutest!!

Cyndi Schultz

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