Halloween and dragons drop

Meet the plushies line up for the 2023 Halloween and dragons drop!

Most plushies will be in the drop Thursday October 5th at 8pm EST here, some others will be available through games and RTB happening on petit Loulou social medias or newsletter!

1st time buyers opportunity and accessibility accommodation will be available on this drop.

Accessibility Accommodation informations can be found here and you can fill this form if you have never bought a plushie from Petit Loulou at retail (drops or RTB) or if you haven't bought at retail since 2022.


As most of you know my website has a pop up that makes you choose your country and currency. I've tried to work around it but didn't find a way to avoid this pop up. Being in Quebec, I am legally required to have my website in french hence this pop up to let you have my website in French or English and to be able to shop in different currencies depending on where you shop from. That being said, if you want to save time during the drop I highly recommend visiting my website the morning of the drop before I lock it so your cookies remember your choice.


Now let's meet the line up for this drop!

The Turtles

  • Turtles are about 9" tall
  • 250$ USD
  • 1 of each expression, total 2 turtles

  Plushie turtle with a smile looking sideway

The Kitty Bees "Chabeilles"

  • Kitty Bees are about 8.5" tall from toes to top of their ears.
  • 250$ USD
  • 1 of each expression, total 4 kitty bees



The Frogities

  • Frogities are about 10" tall from toes to top of their froggy eyes.
  • 250$ USD
  • 1 of each expression, total 4 frogities


The Medium Frankenkitties

  • Medium Frankenkitties are about 21" tall from toes to top of their ears.
  • $325 USD
  • 1 of each expression, total 2


The Small Bat Kitty

  • Small Bat Kitty is about 8" tall from toes to top of ears. Wingspan of about 16".
  • $250 USD
  • 1 available

Bat kitty plushie with a skelly face and hands   


The Tiny Bat Kitties

Tiny bat plushie hold in a hand

The Halloween Buns

  • Halloween buns are about 8" tall from toes to top of their ears 
  • $95 USD
  • 1 of each expression, total 3


 The Baby Dragons

  • Baby dragons are about 10.5" tall with a wingspan of about 16"
  • $225 USD
  • 4 in black 2 grumpy and 1 of each other expression, 5 almond seal.





The Dragons

  • Dragons are about 14" tall with a wingspan of 23".
  • $275 USD
  • 1

The collection stickers

About 10 of each designs, the skelly Kitty will arrive on October 16th at home so will ship shortly after. 

kitty disguised as a frog  Kitty disguised as a bee        



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