Father's Day Activities and DIY Projects for Kids

In contrast to Mother's Day, Father's Day seems to fall on the same day in most countries. June 17, the world over, we will celebrate our dads! If you recall, a few weeks back, we talked about Mother's Day Activities, and these activities can easily be adapted for Father's Day as well.

Additionally, we've put together a list of our favourite Father's Day crafts and activities to engage in with your little ones this year!

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Dad You Rock Card 

Go for a stroll in the garden or the park and get your kid to pick out their favourite rocks, then craft dad a 'punny' card he'll get a real chuckle out of! Brought to you by Jill Dubien

father's day card with a man made out of rocks with written "Dad you rock" next to it

DIY phonecase

This adorable handmade cellphone case by Jen Kossowan is sure to make papa smile, and this way, he will always have his family close. 

Image of a kids drawing on a phone case

Handmade Mug

What would Father's Day be without a handmade mug? I Heart Arts n Crafts brings you this easy idea for creating a personalized dad mug. 

Image of a handmade mug for father's day

Handmade plate

I love the result of this foot print plate by Mrs Wiggle Bottom. It is simply precious, and dad will be able to cherish it for years to come.  

Image of two footprint forming a heart into a square plate

Handmade pillow case

Here is another handmade pillow case using a different technique than the one we talked about in our Mother's Day post. From the blog Mama Papa Buba, this DIY pillow case by Jen Kossowan is easily customized with a message of your little one's choosing. 

Pillow case with handwritten I love you papa

Handprint keychain

With this gift, dad can always keep his little one close at "hand". A touching custom Father's Day craft idea courtesy of Grey House Harbor.

Hand holding a keychain with two hand printed on shrink plastic

DIY Hand Painted Craft

The kids will love painting their own unique tie for dad, and can explore their creativity in the process! A sure fire favourite by Every Day Dishes.

image of three hand painted ties

Father's Day Banner

If you and your littles want to go all out and decorate, try making this lively handmade Father's Day banner by Modern Parents Messy Kids.

banner Happy getting out of an envelope

We Love Dad Shadow Photo

I LOVE this idea by Crafty Gator. Frame a photograph for Father's Day, but not just any photograph... One with a very special message made from shadows! Come to think of it, this craft would've been right at home in our recent post on Shadow Art. 

Shadow of two little girls holding a We love dad sign

For more fun dad day craft ideas, check out our Pinterest board: Father's Day Crafts!


Father's Day Activities for the Whole Family

Temperatures are rising, and what could be better than spending the day or the weekend out with the family? Make time for quality time this Father's Day with one of these family friendly activities:

Go on a Camping Trip

Whether it's in your backyard, a campground, or truly out in the wild, who doesn't love camping — roasted marshmallows and barbecuing over an open fire non-negotiable!

Go Hiking

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by going for a simple hike. Hiking is such a great way to spend time together as a family while also being active. Let dad choose the hike... It's his special day after all.

Offer Him a Massage

It's a little known secret that dads enjoy massages just as much as moms do. While he is getting a massage, you can steal time to prepare a special dinner or put together any other surprises you have planned for the day. 

Read your Favourite Book

With the crazy weekly schedule, it can be hard to stop and read a book all together as a family. So why not use the excuse of Father's Day to take the time to sit, relax, cuddle and read your favourite book all together? If you need some ideas, browse our Story Time posts!

Spend One-On-One Time 

Take your dad out on a date and spend some nice time together. Go to a restaurant, a museum, a movie... Or all three! And enjoy an extra special awesome day together.

Make a Father's Day Breakfast in Bed or Brunch

Once again, breakfast in bed isn't just something that moms enjoy. Whip up some crepes and freshly squeezed orange juice and surprise your special man with a tasty breakfast or brunch after he has slept in to his heart's content! Need a recipe? Here's how you can make delicious french crepes. 

Happy Father's Day!

What's your favourite Father's Day craft or activity? I would love to hear what you like to do to make the day extra special for your family. Share with me in the comments below :) 

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