16 Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Did you know that in France there is no Easter Bunny? Instead, the children have their chocolate delivered by church bells!

The story goes, on Easter weekend, all the church bells leave to go visit the Pope in Rome. And then, on their way home, they are charged with picking up all sorts of goodies for their neighbourhood children. The bells drop these treats in the homes of the children before returning to their respective steeples and ringing in the rebirth of Christ on Sunday morning. When the children hear the bells on Sunday morning, they know it’s time to go search for the treats that the “Cloches de Paques” or “Easter Bells” have hidden for them.

I remember when I was a child my cousins and I would hide in a bedroom on Sunday morning. The many bells in the city would ring, and all of a sudden, my grandmother’s apartment would be full of hidden chocolate eggs, bells, and bunnies! As soon as the bells rang, we would rush out of the bedroom to try and find the most candy possible. It was even more fun when we were at my grandma’s country home, because the hunt for chocolate would extend to the garden. 

Seem strange? Stranger than a magical bunny that lays multi-colored eggs? We all have our fair share of unusual traditions, but the important part of Easter remains the same whether you are in France or in North America… The tradition of giving and receiving delicious chocolate! 

Another aspect of Easter that I’ve always enjoyed, are the crafts that accompany it. Painting Easter eggs is just one of many possible activities you can enjoy with your children over the long weekend. Need a little inspiration? Here is a list of our favourite Easter themed crafts for you to try with your family this year.

1. Easy Paper Bunny Craft - So easy and so cute! This little paper bunny craft by Easy Peasy and Fun is best suited to children 5 and up. 

two little bunnies made from paper

2. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies - These little guys by Lines Across require minimal material to make, and are a great way to practice fine motor skills with your little one.

Bunnies and carrot made from pipe cleaners

 CONGRATS!! You found the last monster of the hunt!




3. Footprint Bunny - Hand print crafts are cool and all, but these bunnies by Fun Hand Print Art Blog come to life through foot prints! 

Hand and foot print to make bunnies

4. Pop Up Paper Plate Bunny - Arty Crafty Kids brings you this neat paper plate bunny craft; An imaginative way to use up those leftover paper plates you have lying around.

DIY easter bunny and paper plate cut as an egg

5. Newspaper Bunny Craft - This knowledgable bunny by I Heart Crafty Things is equally adorable and easy to make. 

Easter bunny made with newspaper

6. Easter DIY Hand Print Chick - How cute are these chicks by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Hand print chick for easter

7. Chick Finger Puppet - These chicks by I Heart Crafty Things would make great props for an Easter-themed play.

Chick finger puppet

8. Easter Plate Chick - Perfect for an Easter picnic, these little chicks by Simple As That really are that simple.

easter yellow paper plate chick with real feather

9. Pompom Easter Chick - Check these chicks by Consumer Crafts out! Have you ever seen a craft cuter? 

Pompom easter chick craft

10. Egg Carton Paper Chick - You can make these little chicks even more fun by filling them with Easter treats! Brought to you by One Little Project.

carton egg easter chick

11. Potato Stamping Easter Eggs - I remember doing a lot of potato stamping as a kid ,so this potato easter egg stamp by The Best Ideas for Kids brings back many memories!

Potato stamped easter eggs

12. Yarn Wrap Easter Eggs - Great for fine motor skills practice, these yarn wrapped eggs by Fire Flies and Mud Pies make lovely ornaments. 

Yarn wrap easter egg

13. DIY Watercolour Easter Eggs - A beautiful twist on classically painted Easter eggs by Happy Hooligans. I also love their Marbelized Easter Eggs

watercolor eggs

14. Easter Egg Nature Collage - Go for a walk and gather materials for these naturally gorgeous easter eggs by Kid Spot.

Easter egg made with collage of flowers and plants

15. Nature Dye Eggs - I love the idea of showing our little ones that nature can provide us with all we need to make amazing crafts. These DIY Easter Nature Dye Eggs by Big Sis Lil Sis look pretty stunning!

Easter egg surrounded by flowers and plants

Easter egg die with plants

16. Grass Seed Egg Planting - Last but not least, you must try this super neat grass seed egg planting activity by A Little Delightful!

Egg with plant coming out of their head


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