Best DIY Advent Calendars

Christmas is coming, the holiday season's countdown has begun, and not only for me who works so much cutting and sewing for my upcoming markets ... If you want to make your own advent calendar, this is precisely the moment to get ready for December 1st.

image of 3 DIY advent calendars

I've always loved the period leading up to Christmas. I really enjoy preparing it myself, it allows to extend it and savour it even more ... By preparing everything ourselves, we can customize the calendar according to our own tastes or those of the child or children to whom the calendar will be intended. And what a joy to see them discover the little surprises that we have carefully chosen!

I have to admit, making your own advent calendar might not be the easiest nor the fastest, but it's totally worth it!

As I did last year, I’ve searched and selected my favourite ideas of DIY advent calendar for you to make with/for your little one.

Discover My Favourite DIY Advent Calendars

  • This DIY mountains and woodland advent calendar by Westwing is super cute and could be a fun project to do with your little ones on rainy afternoons before the beginning of December.
woodland animals made out of toilet paper
  • This advent calendar by Hammamama is a little more work, but the result is totally worth the effort. Let your imagination go wild and make your favourite woodland creatures advent calendar! Your kids will love it!
woodland paper animals for an advent calendar
  • Here is another woodland advent calendar. Grab 24 coloured envelopes, a glue stick, some scissors, a ruler, a black marker, some coloured papers and follow Pfefferminzgruen or let your imagination go.
envelope made woodland creature advent calendar
  • You can also download this lovely printable advent by Zu
DIY printable advent calendar by ZU
  • I found this beautiful calendar on Solebich. An embroidery hoop, a light string, a few boxes and some plant will make a beautiful advent calendar for the delight of the whole family.
hoop and boxes DIY advent calendar
  • I love this easy to make advent calendar by The Merry Thought as it focuses on activities to share rather than little gifts.
stick covered with pine craft advent calendar
  • Last but not least, Mon merveilleux sapin de l'avant from Camille Garoche. 

    This beautiful illustrated book is also an advent calendar unlike any other. Each day, your little one will discover a tale, a poem or a Christmas carol, look for the pretty decoration of the day hidden in the page's illustration... After detaching the illustration, you can hang it on the fir. Inside there is a large Christmas tree easy to assemble and 24 decorations to detach! The perfect book to wait until Christmas with the most wonderful Christmas tree!

Mon merveilleux sapin de l'avant illustrations

      Need a few ideas to fill your beautiful DIY advent calendar?

      For me Christmas is really about sharing family time. This is why I like to mix little gifts and activities when making my son’s advent calendar. One day he would have all the material needed to make a little ornament, the next would be a chocolate. He also received a little book, we went to see the Christmas light and so on. I’ve gathered my favourite Christmas Activities for the Whole Family and some winter craft activities for you to share with your little ones J.

      You can also look at last year's advent calendar post and look at our Pinterest board for more ideas.

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      Happy Crafting! 

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