Story Time: The Wolf in Underpants by Lupano, Itoïz and Cauuet

The inhabitants of the forest built their economy on the fear of the wolf: one can buy fences and traps to protect oneself from the wolf, to be informed daily on the last wolf’s victims, to follow conferences that send shivers down your spines to learn more about the wolf, and even fund the anti-wolf brigade! Nobody seems to really know the wolf, but everyone heard about his icy cry and crazy eyes.

The wolf in underpants french edition cover

The inhabitants of the forest live constantly in a fear that is profitably maintained, especially as animals disappear regularly. But one day the wolf shows up, without any icy cry or crazy eyes, he is only wearing... some stripy underpants! A wolf in underpants?! Smiling and friendly ?! But what can you do with that?

The wolf in underpants inside page

The wolf in underpants deals with prejudices and the harm that rumours can do. Indeed, not only is it not very constructive for the inhabitants of the forest to live in permanent fear, but one can imagine what it can do to this poor wolf who is put aside.

But the wolf in his underpants also deals with the exploitation of these prejudices, this bad habit that we have to maintain them, to divulge them, and to remain attached to them.

And despite all that forest dwellers have said about him, the wolf will teach them that fear is not the only reason to live.

The story is short and easy to understand. My son laughs a lot each time we read it together. We particularly like the illustrations by Mayana ItoÏz and Paul Cauuet that are very rich and we like to take the time to play to find objects or animals in the details.

The wolf in underpants  inside pages

This is an extremely interesting book, which has a lot to offer both young and old. It is funny, but also profound, and allows to open discussions and the debate with your child (and even among adults).

Do not hesitate, enjoy this beautiful book, you will not regret it ... especially since it has a sequel!

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