Story Time: the Polar Bear

Today, I'm going to write about a book that is different from what we are use to in the world of children's literature: "The Polar Bear" byJenni Desmond.

The polar bear by Jenni Desmond book cover

The author educates us about endangered animals: her first book was about whales (2015) and she recently published her last one about elephants (2018). Her writing is halfway between story and documentary : we follow a little girl's adventure while discovering these fascinating animals.

The book starts with: "Once upon a time, a child took a book from the shelf and started to read ...". The book is the beginning of the adventure. What better way to give kids a taste for books?

The polar Beat Jenni Desmond inside page

Over the pages, we dive with the heroine in the world of polar bears. The immersion is done gradually from his living room to the ice floe. We glide, from discovery to discovery, thanks to the text, but especially thanks to the sumptuous illustrations, until being an integral part of the story.

The polar Beat Jenni Desmond inside page

This is a great book to share as a family, during this time when children are overflowing with very specific questions on very specific topics. You see what I mean…

The author is building a very beautiful series, rich and essential, which opens the dialogue and raises awareness about one of the great challenge of our time, which is the protection of endangered species.

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