Story Time: Love, Splat

Meet Splat. A lovable (if slightly clumsy) cat with a love of his own. In this endearing little story, Splat makes a special Valentine’s Day card for Kitten, a snowy white cat with pea green eyes. But all Kitten seems to want to do is pull his tail and poke his belly... Why does she do that?

Read Love, Splat with your little one this Valentine’s Day to find out!

Love splat inside page splat brush his teeth

I found out about Rob Scotton's work through his bestselling book Russell the Sheep, and was later delighted to discover his Splat the Cat book series. The illustrations in these books are beautiful. I love how fuzzy Splat is… It makes you want to cuddle him! The text itself is best suited to children around 5 years old, but would be enjoyable to read with a younger child as well. The playful illustrations make the story easy to follow, and it’s fun to look for Seymour together, Splat’s pet mouse, who can be found somewhere on each page.

Splat the cat - inside pageLove Splat inside page Splat will meet Kitten

The Splat the Cat book series is great for children aged 4-7. There are also “I Can Read” Splat titles available for beginning readers. 

Additionally, the editor Harper Collins released a couple activity books to accompany the series that you can download by clicking on the images below. We hope you love Splat as much as we do!


Splat the cat activity book  Splat the cat secret agent activity book cover

Happy reading!

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