Mother's Day Activities and Crafts for the Whole Family

I’m holding a special workshop at Bird on a Wire on May 5th in honour of Mother’s Day. Come join me with your little one, and learn how to make easy homemade gifts for mom! Click here to sign-up today.

For me, the perfect Mother’s Day is full of cuddles and family time. It starts with a homemade breakfast of delicious crepes and freshly squeezed orange juice, and continues with a pyjama day replete with snuggles, laughter, and games. Later in the afternoon, we might get dressed and go for a walk in the woods or by the sea. Mother’s day is about spending time together.

Here are some activities I would personally love to partake in on this very special day!  

Mother's Day Activities for the Whole Family

Homemade Breakfast in Bed

In my opinion, Mother's Day should always start with an awesome breakfast in bed and cuddles. The perfect gift for mother’s day is in fact freshly squeezed orange juice and homemade crepes. Never made crepes before? No problem! Check out my authentic French crepe recipe here.

Lip-Sync Battle

Channel Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show and put on a Lip-Sync battle in your own living room. Get each family member to choose his/her favourite song, and let the battle begin! 

Create a Canvas From Flowers

Find a little space in your yard, and bring a Mother’s Day message to life—literally! Purchase a variety of fast growing flower seeds that are well adapted to where you live. Next step, get your little one to trace a message for mom in the soil. Something short like “Mom Rocks” or “I Love Mom” works well. Plant the flower seeds in the soil where your kid drew their message, and water that patch of garden regularly. In no time, you will have the perfect gift for Mother’s Day growing right in your backyard.

Movie Night

Another enjoyable Mother’s Day activity is going to the theatre together or organizing a home movie night featuring family videos. My little man absolutely loves to watch home videos, especially of his own Mom and Dad when we were babies!

Picnic in a Park

Weather permitting a picnic is a lovely idea for a Mother’s Day activity. Pack a picnic basket, ride your bikes, or walk with your family to the nearest park, beach, or mountain!

Make Coupons

Coupons are the perfect easy homemade gifts for mom! Have your little one and partner make special Mother's Day coupons featuring your favourite activities or much-needed ones!

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day coupons:

  • Coupon for a late sleep in
  • Coupon for a cuddle
  • Coupon for a couple hours alone
  • Coupon for a massage
  • Coupon for a homemade meal made by the kids
  • Coupon for some free time to read a book

    Mother's Day Crafts & Gifts

    Painted Clay Vases

    These stunning vases made out of clay are the perfect gift for Mother's Day! For instructions on how to make your own, visit

    Vase made out of clay with flowers

    DIY Flower Bottle

    These beautiful glass bottles by Joelle Wekhamp make for an original homemade Mother's Day gift. 

    Flower vase with stickers and washi tape

    Hand-Shaped Ring Dish

    These endearing hand-shaped dishes are a wonderful preschool Mother's Day craft idea. Mama Papa Bubba has done it again! 

    Hand shaped ring dish with two rings

    Citrus Sugar Scrub

    Bring the spa home to ma with this awesome citrus sugar scrub by Happily Ever Mom. This recipe is super easy to make with the little ones and, as an added bonus, they can decorate the jar.

    lemons and a jar with citrus sugar scrub writen on top

    Easy Bath Bomb

    Every mama loves a nice relaxing bath, which is why these DIY bath bombs by Red Ted Art are such a great idea for a Mother's Day gift. 

    Bath bomb

    Custom Made Pillows

    These easy homemade pillows by Meri Cherry are made out of a resistant fabric, the perfect canvas for your Mother's Day message!

    Pillows for mother's day or father's day

    Felt Coffee Cup Cozy

    This is a great gift idea for moms who love coffee (or tea!). Visit Craft Whack for further instructions. 

    3 Felt coffee cup cozies on coffee cups


    And what would Mother's Day be without a card or two? Here are some of my favourite ones:

    String Flower Card

    Brought to you by Hello wonderful, this card is a wonderful Mother's Day craft to try with your little ones.

    Kid diy string art flower

    I Love You This Much Card

    Check out this tutorial by Olip Crafts to learn how to make this absolutely adorable Mother's Day card.

    I love you this much card made from 2 hands cut out in paper

    For a lovely morning spent crafting with your little one, and for personalized Mother's Day gifts, join me May 5th at Bird on a Wire where I will be holding a special Mother's Day workshop. Space is limited, so make sure you save your spot by signing up here today!

    Felt cards with mom hand stitch on top

     Happy Mother's Day!

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