Gardening with Kids - Part 2: Activities & Experiments

On the blog last week, I told the story of how my son and I started gardening together. The activity doesn't seem to get old as he gets older either... He still loves to water the plants in the morning, and I love seeing him begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural world. If you missed it, feel free to read the story here. 

In part two of this "Gardening with Kids" series, I thought it would be nice to share some fun nature-related activities that you can try with your little ones!

Gardening Activities 

How to Make Inverted Handing Tomato Planters Out of Plastic Water Jugs - I haven't tried this activity personally, but for families with a small space, it's genius. Visit Bonzai Aphrodite for instructions on how to create your own hanging tomato planters!

inverted hanging tomato planter out of plastic jugs

Seed Jar Spring Science Experiment - This nifty experiment to see how beans grow mixes science, gardening and mason jars! A must-try by little bins for little hands.

Mini Grass House for Kids - Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Even if you're not, you'll be able to appreciate how cute this little sponge Hobbit house is! Check out wonderful diy for step by step instructions. 

Mini sponge grass house

Sprouts on a Sponge  - I've mentioned this one before, but it is worth another shout out! Super easy and super fun, grow your own sprouts on a sponge with these simple steps from Housing a Forest.

Sponge grown plant

Radish Top Egg Heads - No seriously, radish top egg heads are a thing. And you can grow them yourself! Brought to you by mama papa bubba.

Egg shell gardenning for kids

Tin Can Planters - Recycle, decorate, and grow using a little ingenuity and some tin cans! Darice thought this activity up and it's a winner.

Little kid holding a can planter with arms and smile

Grass Heads - These are so fun to make and play with after the fact! Introducing the grass head by Red Ted Art.

Grass head hold by a little kid


DIY Seed Bombs - Your little one will absolutely love making these seeds bomb. Spread colour in your neighbourhood with these wild flower seed bombs by Practically functional.

wild flower seeds bomb

Sunflower House  - If you happen to have a big backyard, this activity is an absolute must. I mean, who wouldn't want to build a house out of Sunflowers? From the clever minds at lets lasso the moon.

Sunflower growinf to make a house

Bean Teepee - How amazing is this bean teepee by Joyful toddlers? Really amazing right! 

Original Teepee made out of beans plant

Plant Markers - Mark the spot where you planted your seeds, so you and your little can check to see nature's progress! These are adorable and easy to make. Adventure in a Box has the steps you will need to follow.

Painted pebbles looking like vegetables

Simple Soil Science - Science and gardening go together like milk and cookies! Check out this soil experiment by Left brain Craft brain.

TUbe with different soil

Sun Experiment  - Here comes the sun... If you're in Vancouver like me, you hope! But wherever you are, try this sun experiment by Mama Smile. It's educational and inspirational. Win win. 

plant in a pot


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