Fun Outdoor Summer Activities

For a few glorious months out of the year, the sun visits Vancouver, and being a rare visitor, we welcome it whole-heartedly! We don't get to see much of the sun on our lush, rainy west coast, so when it does stop by, us Vancouverites make a point of taking full advantage. My son and I love to spend time outdoors come summer, which means I am always looking for new outdoor activities to try together.
outdoor activities for kids
To that end, I've put together a list of sixteen fun outdoor summer activities for you (and me!) to try with your little one this sunny season. 
1. Create your Own Chalk - All you need to keep the kids entertained for hours on end is a little chalk paint and a sidewalk on which to paint! Make your own with these super simple instructions by  Happiness is Homemade.
kid painting sidewalk with homemade chalk
2. Ice Cube Painting - There are few things kids enjoy as much as making a mess, so why not get messy and make art at the same time! This ice cube painting idea by Things to Share and Remember is as creative as it is fun. 
Ice cub colored to paint
3. Nature Colour Hunt - This nature-inspired twist on the classic treasure hunt by Nurture Store will have your kids exploring and asking questions about the natural world!
nature color hunt and chalk on sidewalk
4. Nature Mandala - Another lovely idea by  Nurture Store, make art using all-natural materials that you can find right in your own backyard. 
Mandala made out of flowers and chalk
5. Land Art and Sidewalk Chalk Activities - The Pinterested Parents are interesting indeed! All you need for this land art activity is the great outdoors and a little imagination.
Sidewalk Land art with ferns
6. Melting Ice Science Experiment - By now, you know how much I love mixing art with science, and this clever activity by Artful Parent ticks both these boxes!
Colored ice melting experiment
7. Make Bird Feeder from Pine Cone - This cute craft idea by Made Everyday will entertain your child for day's to come, as they get to observe all the pretty birds that come to visit their creation!
Pine cone bird feeder
8. Make a Bird Feeder with your Cookie Cutter - Another cute bird feeder craft, this idea by Eighteen 25 is easily executed and will add a certain charm to your backyard. 
Bird feeder shaped as a star
9. Ant Experiment - This clever activity by Bit Rebels is fascinating to watch, and is sure to inspire a natural wonder in your child. 
Ants stomach becoming colored while drinking colored water drops
10. Play with Shadows - It doesn't get much simpler, or much more fun, than playing with your own shadow. I just love this activity! Brought to you by A Little Learning for Two.
Playing with shadow
11. Giant Bubble Making - What can you do with a hula hoop, a kiddie pool, and some soapy water? Why make giant bubbles of course! This super fun idea is brought to you by No Biggie.
3 kids making giant bubbles

Playing With Water

12. Kiddie Car Wash - This activity by Apartment Therapy takes a little more planning, but the pay off is well worth the work. The kids will have a blast riding through their very own kiddie car wash.

kids car wash


13. Create Mini Water Blob - This nifty water blob activity by Hello Wonderful will have the little ones hanging out outside, in style and comfort, all day long!


3 little girl on mini water blobs


14. Water Scope - Feed your child's curiosity with this cool water scope idea by All for the Boys. Your kid will love spending hours discovering all the life that lurks just below the water...


Kids looking under water

Active Fun in the Sun

15. Sidewalk Parcours - Burn off some of that endless kid energy with this stimulating homemade parcours course by Matty Angel!
Parcours draw on sidewalk
16. Sidewalk Obstacle Course - For another awesome example of a sidewalk obstacle course, check out this one by Playtivities.


I would love to hear about the outdoor activities you and your little ones enjoy. Share with me in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more fun ideas like these ones!

Happy Summer & Happy Playing!

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