Family Fun: With a Squirrel!

I discovered this game by chance while I was browsing my favorite bookshop.  I love the whimsical illustrations, and adorable woodland creatures! It would be an awesome first game to share with your little ones.

 The first time I played with my son, he had a hard time when the spinner would fall on the sad squirrel. He kept asking why the squirrel was crying, and he didn’t think it was fair that the little squirrel would lose his acorns.

Close up of the sneaky snacky squirrel game


In this game, you have to help a little squirrel fill his tree stump with coloured acorns. The first one to fill his stump wins!

This game is suitable for children aged 3 to 7. It helps strengthen their little fingers, develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, teaches them colors, and how to follow rules.  Plus you get to spend an enjoyable hour playing together as a family. We love to play this game together on rainy Sunday afternoons... We live in Vancouver, so there are plenty of those!

Close up of the sneaky snacky squirrel game where the squirrel hold an acorn


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