Autumn leaves hedgehog craft

Hedgehogs and autumn leaves are two things that I truly love. So I created a craft that combines the two in a fun and family-friendly fine motor skills activity!

 Materials Needed: 

  • Leaves or coloured paper to make your own leaves
  • A printed template of a hedgehog or your little one can draw his or her own
  • Glue
  • A paint brush
  • Scissors
  • A pen, pencil, or markers

Download templates: Hedgehog, leaves

Material needed to make the automn leaves hedgehog fine motor skill activity


 Introduce the Activity

1. Start this activity by showing this picture of a hedgehog to your little one, and asking him or her to describe it.
Fun Fact – Hedgehogs are omnivorous, meaning they eat everything. They especially like snacking on insects, snails, frogs, and berries!

 Picture of a hedgehog


How to Make Your Hedgehog

2. Go out for a walk and leaf hunt! If there aren’t any autumn leaves around, you can use our template to cut out some leaves instead.

3. Use the brush to paint your hedgehog’s head with glue.

 Picture of automn leaves and a kid hand

4. Glue the leaves to your hedgehog, pointy ends sticking out.

Picture of a kid hand gluing leaves to a hedgehog

Fun Fact  – When hedgehogs are scared, they roll into a tight little ball to defend themselves.

5. Colour your hedgehog’s nose.

Kid hand coloring our autumn leaves hedgehog nose

Fun Fact – Hedgehogs are mostly nocturnal animals meaning they sleep during the day and they are active at night.

 6. Now you have a beautiful hedgehog! 

Picture of an autumn leaves hedgehog

I would love to see your little one’s hedgehog! Share your work with me on Instagram by tagging your photo with #petitlouloucraft or send me a picture directly at

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Have a beautiful day!


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