5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Advent Calendars!

Christmas is coming and it's the time to take out or revamp your advent calendar. I love the excitement that builds as Christmas approaches, all the decorations in the streets... Even more so since I moved to Vancouver where they take Christmas very seriously. My son doesn't have a strong sense of time yet, but I think advent calendars are a great tool for him to learn about the passage of time and what it means. I also want to create that sense of Christmas magic for him, and build traditions with my own family.

I remember how much I loved the 24 days before Christmas when I was a kid, and how at the same time those days seemed to never end! I want my son’s eyes to light up with that magic sparkle when he thinks of Christmas, and for him to grow up cherishing sharing this time of year with his family. To make Christmas shopping that much easier for you and to help you pick the perfect advent calendar, I've put together a list of all my favorite calendar finds! You can choose to create an advent calendar yourself with these fun DIY ideas, or alternatively buy one ready made from a small shop. 



 DIY Advent Calendars

1. This pull out advent calendar is one of my favourites. The concept of time isn't as clearly illustrated, but I love the idea of each new day bringing a surprise. Your little one will love pulling on the string and discovering a gift with each day! Find out how to make you own at wasfuermich.

Black and whote Zoo advent calendar

2. This easy to make balloon advent calendar is visually appealing and lots of fun! You can choose to make it yourself, or buy one here.

Balloon advent calendar

3. This is a great idea for a modern advent calendar. I love that instead of offering material gifts, what you are offering is quality family time and experiences. Here are the DIY instructions for this calendar. If this idea appeals to you, check out our Christmas activity list for more ideas like it!

Modern advent calendar

Modern advant calendar idea

4. This DIY Christmas tree and woodland creatures advent calendar is quite a lot of work, but the end result is beautiful and totally worth it. You can buy the pattern and supplies for this project by Sugar House Shop on Etsy.  

  DIY felt advent calendar with a tree and felt ornaments

5. You can't miss this super cute printable DIY penguin advent calendar by PICA PICA papercrafts.

Igloo and pinguins advent calendar paper craft

5. And here's a beautiful printable calendar by a lovely lark.

Printable DIY advent calendar with santa and trees

6. This DIY paper roll calendar by morning creativity is awesome!

DIT paper roll advent calendar

7. Don't miss this charming calendar by the sweet escape.

DIY advent calendar with wood and felt

8. And last but not least, this lovely star advent calendar by design sponge.

Star advent calendar


Handmade Advent Calendars

1. The graphics for this woodland creature advent calendar are amazing! Created by . You will receive the boxes empty, and then you can add in all your favourite little gifts.

Woodland advent calendar

2. Check out this beautifully illustrated advent calendar from Penelopetom.

Advent calendar with winter creatures

3. If you are looking for a more traditional chocolate filled advent calendar, and want to support a small shop, Subulastore has the calendar for you! 

Chocolate advent calendar

4. You can fill this beautiful monochrome advent calendar with tiny gifts for your little one. Made by idejukrelless.

Fabric monochrome advent calendar

5. If you are looking for an advent calendar that doubles as a decoration for your chimney, check out these super cute little bags by idejukrelless.

Red pocket advent calendar

6. I also really like this magnet set by Moore Magnets. Browse their Etsy shop for a selection of designs!

Tin can magnet advent calendar with Christmas images

7. The illustrations for this advent calendar from La maison du calendrier are truly something special. 

Advent calendar with woodland creatures


Now you and your little one are ready to start counting down the days!

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Love it, it’s really inspiring and make me want to do my on one for my love one ;-)
Thanks for this great article, I look forward to creating a combination of a couple you mentioned.


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