17 Saint Patrick's crafts and activities for kids

As a child, I never actually celebrated Saint Patrick's Day, even though my father's name is Patrick! My family and I would wish him a happy day with tongue in cheek. I discovered Saint Patrick's Day as an adult and the many wonderful crafting opportunities that accompany it. So, in preparation for this St. Patty's, I thought I'd share some of my favourite green themed crafts with you!

1. Watercolor Shamrock Cards - These beautiful watercolor cards by Hello, wonderful are like snowflakes... No two paint patterns will turn out the same!

Shamrock cards by hello wonderful


2. Rainbow Shamrock Craft - A colourful twist on your classic shamrock, this rainbow craft by Housing a Forest make for vibrant holiday decorations. 

tissue paper glue together to make a shamrock


3. Shamrock Sun Catcher - Try your luck making these gorgeous green sun catchers by Director Jewels

shamrock sun catcher


4. Paper Cut Shamrock - This pint-sized craft by Chica Circle couldn't be easier or more adorable!

paper cut clover leaf


5. Paper Shamrock - This paper shamrock by Siayla is a little more intricate to make but great for practicing fine motor skills with your little one.

Paper cut chamrock


6. Lucky Clover Patch Lisa Storms shares this awesome idea that goes hand in hand with our previous post on starting a Happiness Jar

Paper cut clover with a rainbow


7. How to Grow Sprouts on a Sponge - Another innovative idea by Housing a Forest... Both an educational science experiment and a craft, learn how to grow sprouts on a sponge! My son loves to plant seeds and look at them grow so this project was the perfect fit. 

clover sprouts on a sponge


8. Frozen Rainbow Eruption - Mix your crafts with science and make your own erupting rainbow with this neat idea by Learn, Play, Imagine.

Rainbow backing soda explosion


9. Walking Water Rainbow - Inspire your little one's scientific mind with this rainbow that walks by The Stem Laboratory.

 walking water rainbow


10. Pom Pom Rainbow CraftDanya Banya brings you this cute activity, great for developing fine motor skills and colour recognition, as well as direction following faculties.

pompom rainbow


11. Tissue Paper Rainbow - Crafts by Courtney brings you this easily executed craft that makes for a lively addition to any kitchen fridge.

Tissue paper rainbow


12. Leprechaun Puppet - Create your own pocket leprechaun puppets. These charming little sprites by Crafty Morning make for great story-telling props.

Leprechaun puppet for kids


13. Leprechaun - These goofy paper leprechauns by Housing a Forest will be sure to elicit a giggle or two before you're threw making them. 

Leprechaun kids paper craft


14. Leprechaun Craft with a Fork - Who knew you could make a leprechaun with a fork? Crafty Morning did! 

Leprechaun made with paint and fork


15. Handprint Leprechaun - Yet another way to immortalize your child's handprint! Pick Ease thought up a way to transform dainty paint smeared prints into the cutest little leprechauns yet!

Hand printed leprechaun


16. Magic Leprechaun Rock - This activity by Gift of Curiosity takes a little planning but is way worth the trouble. You'll need to prepare it a day in advance.

magic rock throw into a bin


Last but not least, and my personal favourite...

17. Leprechaun Balloon Rockets - Brought to you by the brilliant mind behind Housing a Forest, this activity may not qualify as a craft, but it does qualify as a rockin' good time. An absolute Saint Patrick's Day must for any family!

Kids with balloon and leprechaun

Happy Crafting! 

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