Welcome to Petit Loulou Advent Calendar 2023!

Welcome to the very first Petit Loulou advent calendar adventure! 

If you are here it means you bought my very first advent calendar and I thank you very much for following me and my ideas ❤️️

I will publish blog posts with ideas and surprises throughout December up to Christmas. I may not post every day but the day I do I'll publish in the morning or around noon EST at the latest.

I've also created a secret Facebook group exclusively for you. Make sure to join here to not miss the fun!

Come back here December 1 at noon for your first reveal!

How to care for your calendar?

I don't think your calendar will need many washes, but because kids and their little hands can be sometimes messy here is how to care for your calendar as I hope you'll keep it for a long time!!

Your calendar have been printed in Montréal on coton canvas with reactive inks. 

Machine wash separately in cold water for the first couple washes. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Use the maximum water level to dilute excess ink. Transfer immediately to dryer, do not leave wet in the machine or dark ink will transfer to light area.

Machine dry on medium to high heat. 

A mild fabric softener can be added to the wash cycle to soften fabric.

Your calendar can be ironed and dry-cleaned. Do not bleach.


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