Story time: The Big Bad Fox

The big bad fox book cover

One of my greatest pleasures in life is reading books with my son. For all the other book readers out there, this section is dedicated to sharing our favourite readings with you.

Image from the big bad fox

This month, I discovered a real little jewel called The Big Bad Fox. It’s written and drawn by French cartoonist Benjamin Renner who was the director of the beautiful movie Ernest et Celestine. He also wrote a hilarious blog post about the making of this movie that is sure to make you chuckle.

The Big Bad Fox is the tender yet uproariously funny story of a cowardly fox, a lazy watchdog, some hysterical hens, a phlegmatic wolf, and an adorable baby chick. It is not a traditional kids book as it is a chapter book, but I can tell you that my three-year-old son absolutely loved it. It took us a few evenings to read the entire book.

Image from the big bad fox

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Happy reading!


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