Sully the Owl Valentine's Limited Edition

About a month from now, it will be the lovers' day. Valentine's Day approaching I wanted to do something special, to celebrate the love we share in a family.

Sully the stuffed owl is by far your favorite plushie, and who better than him can embody the values ​​of love? Created to help with the bedtime routine, with its large wings that fold over his body to serve as a cozy blanket, he personifies the love, warmth and sweetness you want to convey to your little ones when they are falling asleep.

Owl stuffed animal with a heart on his wing

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I wanted to make all this love that can pass between your children, their comforters and you, even more visible and palpable with this special Valentine's edition of Sully the stuffed owl.

During the next month, Sully will proudly wear his heart on his wing, a concrete reminder of all the love you have for your little ones (and not so little ones).

To each his owl plushie! Sully loves cuddling, and his three sizes allow him to satisfy the cravings of sweetness for all. Everyone succumbs to its soft body and its enveloping wings. There are many possibilities to make Sully even more unique: I can hand stitch the name of the future owner, which will be slipped inside, like a treasure. It is also possible to put an initial in the heart on the wing. Finally, I can add a music boxe or a tweet to make him sound like a little bird when you shake him. As always at Petit Loulou: everything is possible! Just ask me, I would be happy to make your Sully a plush owl like no other.

In addition, it will be accompanied by a magnet also specially edited for Valentine's Day. It will show Sully with his great love: the moon (he's a big dreamer with a big heart).  

As some of you have discovered at my Christmas markets, I am now also making magnets and pins. They have had such a big success that I will add them to my online store. You will just need a little patience to see them appear. 

Finally, last but not least, stay tuned on the blog or sign up to my newsletter to not miss the upcoming  St. Valentine’s story featuring Sully the stuffed owl and his bedtime ritual to share with your little ones on this special occasion. 

In the meantime, go quickly to the shop to order your special edition of Sully the Owl with his heart if you want to be sure to have it for Valentine's Day!

Offer an owl

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