Rock Painting for Kids

A little imagination and a few simple supplies are all your child needs to create magical characters out of stones.

Start by going for a walk with your little one and picking out some smooth stones. Next, clean them with some water and set them somewhere warm to dry. Now, you have your foundation for creating animals, people, or even toys! Gather some paint, glue, and clay and you are ready to get started.

In terms of paint, you are best served by either acrylic or tempera paints for these stick well to rocks and will be the most hardy options for a stone painting project. Tempera has a chalkier feel to it, but is easy to wash out if it gets on clothing, which makes it a good option for children. Acrylic is a little stickier, but has a nice glossy finish. Prior to painting, get your little one to draw out their idea. It will be simpler for them to picture their completed project if they draw it all out with pen and paper to start.

Cover for Rock painting ideas for kids with animal painted on rocks

Snowman Painted Rocks - Build a Snowman

From the great mind behind Frugal Fun 4 Boys — I love that you can do two activities at once with this one. First, paint your snowmen, and then, switch around their body parts!

3 Rock painted snowman

Lion Rock

This vibrant painted lion rock by I Heart Crafty Things is fun to make and makes a lovely decoration for a child's room after the fact. 

Lion made out of stone and wool

Zoo Rock Painted Animals

These silly rock painted animals by U Created Crafts are a guaranteed kid pleaser and cute as can be. 

Rock painted zoo animals

Giraffe Rock Puzzle

This nifty giraffe rock puzzle by Hello Wonderful is oh so wonderful! For a giraffe with an extra long neck, make as many rock pieces as you like.

Rock painted giraffe puzzle

Snail Painted Rocks

Kids Craft Room is crafty indeed! These little shake painted rock snails are so cute, you'll want to make some for yourself. 

3 rock painted and card board snails

Rock Painted Cars

Forget about buying toy cars, kids can make their own! Playtivities has easy instructions for building a street full of cars out of painted rocks. 

Rock painted cars for kids

Face Rock Puzzle

The Craft Train thought up this totally awesome idea. I just LOVE it! Will definitively do this little project with my son, as soon as we collect enough rocks. :)

Rock Painted face puzzle

Weather Stones

These beautiful weather stones by The Craft Train are a great way to teach your little one about the climate. 

Rock painted weather stone with a little bag decorated with felt

Painted Cactus

I didn't think there was anything more adorable than a baby cactus... But turns painted rock baby cacti are just that! Definitely one of the best ideas from the aptly named site: The Best Ideas for Kids.

5 rock painted cactus in their little jar

Mess Free Sticker Rock

This one is super easy and versatile. Find a rock, add a sticker, voila! By Fire Flies and Mud Pies.

Sticker of a panda glued on a rock

Rock Painted Magnet

You won't have to find a magnet to stick this piece of your child's art to your fridge! Courtesy of Alisa Burke.

Painted rock magnets

Rock Painted Fish

There are so many fish in the sea... And now, there will be so many fish in your child's bedroom! Or playroom! Or wherever you decide these little rock painted fishies bHello Wonderful belong. 

Rock painted fishes

For more fun craft ideas, check out our Pinterest Board.

Happy rock hunting and painting!

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