Penelope's Cookies and Petit Loulou collab

I'm very happy to present to you the fruit of my collaboration with Aeryka Jackson the owner and baker behind Penelope's cookies.

Aeryka has been baking since she was a child. In 2020, while every restaurant was shut down, she had a choice to make her own cookies or buy pre-made cookie dough from the store. She took out her ingredients to make her own and created her signature Kitchen Sink cookies! She then began making her way into crazy flavors -her words, not mine ;p - (Cotton Candy, Peach rings, Taro, Matcha,...)

She ships mainly to the US and Canada, but feel free to reach out to her if you live somewhere else. My personal favorite flavor is her lemon cookie, simply perfect!!

Meet Aeryka and her little Penelope Grace.


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Now let's talk about the plushies

All the plushies are made with seal and minky. Pupils are made with felt. They are nicely stuffed with polyester and weighted with glass beads. 

  • The Lemurelves are about 8.5" tall from toes to top of their head, not counting their ears.
  • Kitties are about 7.5" tall from toes to top of their head, not counting their ears.
  • The little bun is about 4" tall, 9" if you count the ears.

Each plushie comes with an assorted dozen of amazing cookies baked by Aeryka. The plushies and cookies ship separately so you'll receive 2 separate tracking numbers for your orders. 

Shipping is included for USA, additional cost will be calculated other countries. 

Lemon Sugar cookies and Lulu Kitty

Lulu's cookie is made with minky and tiny beads sewn to the minky.
Price for Lulu Kitty and a dozen of lemon sugar cookies from Penelope cookies is 250$ (shipping included for USA).

Blueberry Vanilla cookies and Bobby Lemurelf

Bobby is very lucky has he got two cookies in his hands! You can tell he is quite happy about this!
Price for Bobby Lemurelf and a dozen of blueberry cookies from Penelope cookies is 275$ (shipping included for USA).

Strawberry White Chocolate cookies and Fran Bun

Fran loves her perfectly sized cookie! Nothing makes her happier than a good strawberry cookie. 
Price for Fanny Bun and a dozen of strawberry white cocolate cookies from Penelope cookies is 185$ (shipping included for USA).

Chocolate Chip cookie and Pete Kitty

Price for Pete Kitty and a dozen of chocolate chip cookies from Penelope cookies is 250$ (shipping included for USA).

Key Lime and Katy Kitty

Katy Kitty is wondering why on earth her cookie is so small. She absolutely would deserve a bigger cookie!
Price for Katy Kitty and a dozen of lemon sugar cookies from Penelope cookies is 230$ (shipping included for USA).

Red Velvet White Chocolate cookies and Scarlet Lemurelf

Scarlet Lemurelf is lost! She doesn't know what to do... she only got one cookie and wants to eat it but knows none will be left after... what to do???
Price for Scarlet Lemurelf and a dozen of red velvet white chocolate cookies from Penelope cookies is 285$ (shipping included for USA).

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