How to buy a Petit Loulou plushie and acronyms definitions

How to buy a plushie from me?

I have three collections, the timeless collection, the DIY and the limited editions.

The timeless collection includes a tooth fairy pillow, rattles for your little ones and decorative pillows. The timeless collection is always available for purchases.

tooth fairy pillow giraffe pillow raccoon pillow

You can learn how to sew with my DIY sewing kits. The kits are always available as well.

hands of kids sewing a DIY kit

The limited editions are available through drops on my website or through various events. The time and date of drops or events will be announced ahead of time through my social media, the VIP group being the most active place. 

high end plushies


a plushie is wondering what all  the terms BST, DOND MMAO means


You probably often see some funny words in my Facebook VIP group. Today, I'm demystifying everything for you. You will often see those same acronyms across the other plushie VIP and groups. 

DOND (deal or no deal) - The DOND consists of making me an offer, which I decide to accept or not, without an end time. 

MMAO (make me an offer) - MMAO is a type of auction that allows future buyers to submit bids for a fixed period . 

RTB (right to buy) - people wishing to buy the plush fill out a form and a draw is made to designate the buyer. 

BST (Buy sell trade) - This is the place to sell, trade or find the plushie of your dream.

ISO (In search of)

DISO (Desperately in search of)

OOAK (One of a Kind) - Even though so far almost all my plushies are OOAK, only a few are officially OOAK. I may make duplicate of already made plushies in the future. 


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La peluche Mina fait sourire la petite Rosalie et sa berceuse l’accompagne doucement au pays des rêves. Merci Mathilde!

Christine Bourassa

Thanks love for the info can’t wait to get some of these 💜💜

Katrina Harbison

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