Halloween 101

A witch, a vampire, a princess, and a scarecrow walk into a room… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke? Actually, it’s the beginning of an awesome Halloween party!

 All Hallows’ Eve is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect occasion to plan a frightfully fun party for the whole family. The craft possibilities are endless (and endlessly spooky), and double as fine motor skill activities for the kids. And of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without the treats. 

Not sure where to start? Here is a list of our favourite Halloween crafts, activities, and treats to make sure your Halloween party is a hit:  

 Crafts & Activities

 1. Popsicle Stick and Yarn Spiderweb

The kids will love making these adorable popsicle stick spider webs. This is the ultimate fun, easy, and inexpensive Halloween craft. Via buggyandbuddy



 2. Paper Plate Spider

These paper plate spiders are quick to make, and require minimal supplies. This craft is good fun for everyone, and will yield awesome decorations for any Halloween themed room. Via thekindergartenconnection

 Paper plate Halloween craft decoration


 3. Handprint Spider Salt Dough Keepsake

Immortilize just how little your little one once was with this delightful handprint spider keepsake. The ingredients you need are probably already in your pantry! Via hellowonderful

 Spider handprint halloween keepsake

4. Friendly Monster Watercolour Blow Art

These crazy cute monsters are our personal favourites. The kids will have a blast making these little monsters using a straw and some watercolor paint. Via adventure in a box

 Blow watercolor art halloween monster

5. Yarn Wrapped Mummy

This mummy craft is a great way for your little one to practice their fine motor skills while having a whole lot of fun at the same time. Via iheartcraftythings

Mummy wraped in yarn fine motor skill


 6. Halloween Party Favor Mummy Candy Holders

 What does any good party need? Goody bags of course! Fill these little mummies with candy, and suprise your guests with some take home treats. Via parents

Mummy candy holder


7. Stained Glass Pumpkin Suncatcher 

This craft is a great way to use up any extra tissue paper you have lying around the house, and makes for a beautiful spooky Halloween decoration to hang in the yard. Via craftsonsea

Stained glass pumpkin Suncatcher


8. Spider Races 

We guarantee this activity will be popular with the little ones. Winner takes all the candy! Via stillplayingschool

Halloween Spider race



 1. Silly Apple Bites 

Looking for a delicious and healthy treat idea? Look no further than these fun fruit snacks. Via forkandbeans

Halloween apple bites


2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies 

Definitely double the batch if you decide to make these frighteningly cute and extra yummy cookies. Via aspicyperspective

Spider cookies


3. Jello Worms

Substitute the jello with fruit puree for a healthy version of this slimy snack… Guess I’ll go eat worms! Via onelittleproject

Jellow worm recipe


4. Banana Ghosts 

This Halloween snack is about as easy as it gets to make. And about as healthy as it gets too! Via veggie quest

Banana ghost


5. Sushi Mice

Mice made of rice! What’s not to love? These little guys would make a great addition to any Halloween spread. Via kitchenathoskins

Mice sushi


6. Frankenguac

Halloween without monsters would be like guacamole without chips! Don’t worry though because this ingenius idea has it all. Via tasteofhome.

Frankenstein guacamole


7. Boo-nilla Ghost Milkshakes

These yummy frozen treats are so easy to make, you can put them together in the time it takes to say BOO-nilla. Via lilluna

Vanilla milkshake


8. Happy Little Ghost Sugar Cookies

Screamingly sweet and scrumptious… Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating these little ghosts with your little one! Via sarahsbakestudio

Ghost sugar cookies


Next step? Have a very Happy Halloween!!! :)

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